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Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab

Bhadson Road, Patiala 147001.

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About Ritvaan

In keeping up with the spirit of the state of Punjab and its legacy, the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law. is organizing its first ever Inter University College Cultural and Literary Fest, 2018. This Fest will be vehicle for transmitting Punjab’s heritage, culture and for promoting cross cultural exposure and experience. it will be an opportunity for students of RGNUL and students from other universities to showcase their various talents through the events planned to be organised, Also by organising this event it will give a huge opportunity to the student organizers along with many other student volunteers to organise a national level event. an event which will add to the reputation to our university. It also provides a unique platform to bring together the student and faculty fraternity together. A cultural fest becomes a brand name for any university,just as “Moodi” stands for “T Bambay, “Antaragini” for MT Kanpur, “RITVAAN” will remind people of RGNUL


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